Providing a unique opportunity to be able to practice sales calls in a safe environment will improve call quality and provide development opportunities for your sales force.

Simulation selling events
Our events take your sales force away from mere assessment or examination and transport them into the world they know best – that of selling, succeeding, winning – being the best! Participants are encouraged to perform at their optimum level and at the same time, produce the hard business data and analytics.

Phoenix Simulations is proud to introduce our technology to simulation selling events. We can, through the use of technology, instantly analyse results providing you with real-time data during the event.

This real-time data allows you to re-focus your sales force between calls and review overall results and trends before they leave the meeting or training class.

Inside sales teams
We are able to replicate the inside sales call environment with the use of telephone technology emulating the interactions that take place with real customers.

Why not find out how our technology and simulation programs can make your next sales meeting or training event more impactful?