Less than 10% of companies have the time or internal resources to be able to observe their first-line managers or regularly assess the quality and consistency of their coaching skills.

‘Quality coaching will positively impact employee engagement and improve sales performance’

Partnering With Phoenix Simulations

Phoenix Simulations offers the solution as we are experts in designing and facilitating programs which immerse your first- line managers in practical, hands-on live simulation exercises.

Phoenix Simulations has a unique perspective in these types of simulation programs as the principals within our leadership team have led nationally based sales teams in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe.


Seek To Understand
Our programs take a pragmatic approach re-creating the sales call and field coaching environment to provide a unique opportunity for the first-line manager to practice their coaching skills and share best practice in a safe environment to improve their skills.

We understand the challenges you face because we have faced them too and we build every program we deliver to suit your exact needs.

The Advantage of Effective Simulation
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