Most smart organisations want to develop their people and put them on a development path. One of the fundamental problems faced in learning and development is that we often start the journey to the destination not truly knowing the current location of each individual.

How can calibration impact development?
It is difficult, in field-based sales, for an organisation to be able to evaluate their sales teams understanding of the sales model and message delivery in a sales call.

Phoenix Simulations has taken a pragmatic approach to this challenge by re-creating an online calibration tool that allows individuals to observe the same pre-filmed sales call located on our secure Phoenix Simulations portal.


This program can benefit:

• Sales representatives so that they better understand what a good call looks like.

• First-line managers as it allows organisations to measure how closely aligned their managers are when it comes to assessing sales calls and providing coaching.

This process has been successfully deployed in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. It is an effective, low-cost program that provides the current location for each individual in the selling process before starting their development journey.